Prenatal Services:

  • Comprehensive in-home assessments
  • Access to your care providers 24/7
  • Customized prenatal, birth and postpartum education
  • Assistance to prepare living space for the postpartum
  • Referrals for ultrasound and other recommended testing
  • Nutrition and activity counseling
  • Optional belly casting

Home Birth:

  • Two midwives attend your birth
  • Option to labor or birth in water, or in the position of your choosing
  • Minimal interventions
  • Midwives on call 24/7 from 37 weeks until birth
  • Continuous in-person support from active labor on
  • Emergency skills if needed
  • After delivery, continuous support until both are stable and lactation has been initiated
  • In depth newborn assessment, and initial newborn care as desired

Postpartum / Newborn care:

  • In-home assessments for birth parent and baby at day 1, 3-5, 14 and 6 weeks
  • Birth Certificate verification
  • Lactation assistance
  • Pediatrician / Neonatology referrals
  • Postpartum groups, community support

Lactation support:

  • Available to non-birth clients as well
  • Evaluation and assistance with latch and positioning
  • Help with pumping or supplementing
  • Infant weight checks
  • Assessing for tongue tie

Pregnancy loss or termination:

  • Compassionate support through pregnancy loss or termination
  • Available for emotional support, to help navigate your options or as in-person doula care

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