On-Call Survival Wish List

So, I am officially on-call now.  This means that I have personal clients, and I get called into the clinic when they have appointments and / or go into labor.  This is in addition to the time we already spend in the clinic for shifts.  A client goes “into dates” from week 37 of pregnancy to week 42, and for the duration of that time I have to be available at a moments notice.

I guess the feeling of not being able to do anything or go anywhere on my days off here has inspired a LOT of day dreaming about what I will do when this is all over…for fun I mean.  Oh the adventures I am frothing over right now!  Graduation gifts, anyone???

I have decided to try to combat this mounting unrest by creating the occasional “wish-list” here on the blog.  Today it’s all about getting back to nature and pushing myself physically rather than academically / psychologically / emotionally or “sleep-deprivationally”.   

I hope to get the opportunity to try all of these adventures at some point in the near future.  I definitely think a ladies-only surf and yoga retreat would be the perfect way to unwind from all this stress though.  That may be my first choice for now, plus I know Surf With Amigas and they do it right – great fun and some incredible clean eats to help detox my adrenals.  Check ’em out if you get the chance, the investment is well worth it.

yoga SWA

Next on my list is NOLS sea kayaking or sailing adventures in Baja.  Oh, to set out in the turquoise waters of Mulege, MX and spend all day on the water and all night camping on deserted little beaches under the stars!  It sounds so dreamy.

Lastly, after I get my OCEAN fix, I would love to head out for a hiking trip on the John Muir Trail.  I crave the experience of being out on the trail with my pack, some good people and gorgeous wilderness.  I don’t have grand plans to do the whole trail, but a small section of it would be fantastic.

Here’s to wishing!

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