Bear Mama Medicine Guide to Postpartum

Loving this piece on the Fourth Trimester, endearingly referred to here as the “Babymoon”.

Blogger Bear Mama Medicine has some great tips for how to set up for your postpartum, and ensure you get the most rest and bonding time with your little.   Check out the full blog post on her page to learn more about the physiology of the postpartum, recommendations for physical and mental health, and a great list of additional resources.

“Babymoon. In my experience as a doula and educator, I see more people focus on the lovely things that they’d like to have at their births and less on what the days and weeks afterward will look like, beyond who will be there to help them out and how they plan on feeding themselves.

Those two things are certainly the biggest, most basic priorities for planning what your postpartum time (or fourth trimester) will look like, but overlooking the other ways that you should expect to be nourished, supported, and looked after is a setup for burnout and resentment. If you’re prone to mood swings, depression, and other mental health concerns, now is the time to take extra care and caution and make self-care a priority.”

Fascinating article on Breastfeeding from

“According to Hinde, when a baby suckles at its mother’s breast, a vacuum is created. Within that vacuum, the infant’s saliva is sucked back into the mother’s nipple, where receptors in her mammary gland read its signals. This “baby spit backwash,” as she delightfully describes it, contains information about the baby’s immune status. If the mammary gland receptors detect the presence of pathogens, they compel the mother’s body to produce antibodies to fight it, and those antibodies travel through breast milk back into the baby’s body, where they target the infection.”

Loving all the images going through my Instagram feed for World Breastfeeding Week!

Can we celebrate this kind of beauty and bond everyday please?!

I am just coming off the high of a beautiful and empowered hospital birth I was invited to do labor support for.  Feeling all kinds of inspired at the strength of my sisters.  So blessed to do this work.

Live. Love. Latch.



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